Server Migration Plan

Server Migration Services

We know that server migration can be a traumatic experience. To ease the pains of moving services from one server to another, with minimum downtime, we work with you closely during every stages of Server data migration, i.e. the planning, installation and deployment stages of your new server infrastructure to ensure a smooth, seamless migration.

Server migration plan is an on-demand fixed cost plan covering migration of services or server. Once you order, the IT operations and our technical team will review the entire project and prepare a server migration plan. The entire server data migration plan ensures that the migration is carried seamlessly with minimum or planned downtime which you can confidently share with your customers. We just do not migrate the data but also ensure that all the software components and services on the new server are optimized.

Our experts will also guide you through the entire process of data migration servers and will take care that the process does not last long. They take the responsibilities of reinforcing your foundations before building up a web presence for your website post the migration is done.

Explore Our Server Data Migration Features

  • Prepare server migration plan, architecture and data migration process
  • Preparing and hardening new server and making it ready for migration
  • Installation and configuration of firewall
  • Downtime planning for notifying your customers
  • Run pre migration checks
  • Plan and prepare the new server
  • New server’s operating system and tuning
  • Tune file system for performance and integrity
  • Install applications and software components
  • Initialise data migration from old server to new server and validate it
  • Perform post migration tasks